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Buffalo has no respect for UK: “I don’t think they can stay with us in transition.”

Buffalo players have no respect for UK’s transition game or inside play. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Maybe the nation considers Buffalo a Cinderella story in this year’s NCAA Tournament after it stunned No. 4 seed Arizona in dominating fashion Thursday.

The Bulls don’t see it that way going into Saturday’s game at 5:15 p.m. EST in Boise against No. 5 seed Kentucky.

“Everybody thinks we should be here. And yesterday’s game wasn’t like a fluke or whatever you call it. But I think we have a very confident team. And I don’t really like the term ‘Cinderella team,’” said Buffalo guard Jeremy Harris at Friday’s media opportunity.

“We’re a team that plays very hard. We’ve got some tough guards. We just feed off of each other. We give each other confidence all the game.”

Buffalo players believe keeping their focus is the biggest key against Kentucky, which has won eight of its last nine games.

“I would just say it’s really a focus thing. I think with some people they get a little success you start to get out of what you’ve been doing from the jump,” Buffalo’s Nick Perkins said. “Really just staying focused. Kentucky is a little different team from Arizona. They’ve got more guards and more perimeter-based team. The scouting report is going to be a little different.

“I think we match up pretty well with their guards. They’ve got some guards who are pretty good on the ball screen and stuff like that. But I also think they’re lacking on the inside with defending and stuff like that.

“One strength I think they have is pretty much their size. They’re a good rebounding team and stuff like that. But I don’t think they can stay with us in transition and stuff like that. They’ve got a lot of big guys, they play a little bit too much, and I think that will play to our favor.”

Teammate C.J. Massinburg was not quite as blunt but he showed no fear of UK’s Nick Richards or Sacha Killeya-Jones.

“I feel like this game is going to be a little different than last game. Last game we wanted to shoot all the 3s to like kind of expose their 7-footers. But this game I feel like my big guy, Nick Perkins, is going to get a lot inside and dominate and play his game how he’s been playing the whole year,” Massinburg said.

“I think we match up with them pretty good. I mean, they’ve got players on the boards, we know they can play. They’re real good. But they put on their shorts just like we put on our shorts,” Harris said. “Kentucky is a very good team, as we all know. But I think experience should give us just a little bit of an edge. I think the team that plays the hardest is going to come out with the win.”

The Boise crowd definitely was behind 13-seed Buffalo on Thursday. It figures to be the same way Saturday.

“I’d say we did feed off it a little bit. I felt like we were in Alumni Arena in Buffalo. Shout-out to the fans out here in Boise that supported us, and the Buffalo fans that traveled out to see us,” Harris said.

“When we went on a run at the end and everybody seeing what we was made of, we had the whole arena erupting, and it was a great feeling,” Massinburg said.

“That second half was something crazy. We started hitting all the shots. Things really started going our way, I could hear the crowd behind us. It made us feel good. It gave us a little bit of confidence to finish the game,” Perkins said.


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  1. UK by 15… GO BIG BLUE

  2. Wow! These comments have to motivate our players! I’m ready to lace em up myself. Unfortunately Larry can confirm that I could barely tie my laces even in 1978!

  3. Hmmmm.
    Guess they haven’t heard of bulletin boards in Buffalo.

    GO CATS!

  4. Who fouls out first….Wenyan or PJ?

  5. Tomorrow afternoon is going to be a battle. Whoever plays the toughest without losing their composure will most likely win. They play 4 tough guards and a 6’8″ beast. Richards will pick up 2 fouls in the first 2 minutes. Jones will pick up 2 in the next 5 minutes. I would not start PJ, but save him to come in after the above happens and hope he can play the 5 spot for the rest of the half without getting into foul trouble himself. Can Knox guard a guard? Knox needs to use his height on offense and go to the basket and create foul issues for his man. My guess is SGK, Hami, and Quadre will be on the floor at the same time. Gabriel will be the only true reserve for the 1 to 4 spots as Richards, Jones, and PJ will use their 15 fouls to keep Perkins in check. I hope Vando dresses for this game, bad wheel and all.

  6. 10 or more win! GO CATS!!!

  7. I agree with GeneT, UK wins this one by double digits!!!!

    1. I figure 7 or more but I still believe I am heading south next weekend(if my wife can get off). What is crazy is that now we could be the favorite to leave Atlanta. Hey Prof what do the numbers say about us reaching the final 4?

  8. Buffalo, what a cocky bunch they have turned out to be, them and their coach. The Cats need to come out with some attitude and thunder on the floor and talk afterwards, and never let up. This is the “8 times National Champion Kentucky Wildcats” being down right ridiculed. Wow!!!!! They need to be taught a little respect. Go Cats!!!!!!

  9. If UK is hitting early and playing defense with some hustle, I think they win pretty easy, but if UK lets them get some confidence, it will be a very tough game. I think this team kind of reminded me of WV the way they played the other night. Not saying they’re as good as WV night in and night out, but they don’t back down and they really hustle. I think hustle will determine UK’s outcome.

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