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Calipari: “There’s no disrespect in any way (toward Kansas State).”

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


After Kentucky lost 61-58 to Kansas State in Atlanta Sunday to end its season, the UK players and coaches left the court while K-State celebrated reaching the Elite Eight.

Nothing wrong with what either team did. However, some Kansas State players thought UK players “disrespected” them by not shaking hands.

Well, I went down to shake their hands, too, and they were turned and celebrating so that I walked off,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said. “I had no disrespect for anything, just that they were celebrating and I was happy for them.

“I walked off, too. But I went down, I shook all the coaches’ hands, I went down to shake their hands — which I understood. They’re in an Elite 8 game now, a chance to go to the Final Four.

“My team is not like that, neither is our program. There’s no disrespect in any way. They beat us. They deserved to win the game.”


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  1. First a positive…the team did get further this year than I thought they would with the way we were playing around mid season and congrats to the team for that. Now the reality…this team and coach staff, once again, did not seem to be at all prepared for this game as was the case too many times this year. As I have mentioned many times during the year, we got outplayed and Cal got outcoached. He missed on the recruiting front this year by going lean instead of mean, and I still think his coaching has slipped as well. Wenyan had many more bad games this year than good ones, and he just couldn’t stay under control. Diallo reverted back to late season form. SKJ did not step up like he should have but Cal’s quick leash responsible for a lot of that. Knox was very good much of the time but also took a lot of time off and stood around during games. Shai carried us for the year and TG for that, but he and Knox picked the last game to give their worst performances. PJ did a lot of slacking thru first part of the year, but got better as the season went on. Unfortunately, he was the one that almost willed us to a win but instead took us to a defeat with his abysmal FT shooting. Green faded big time toward the end of season, and Richards was a total BUST all season, and I hope he can find a way to transfer or surrender his scholarship. He apparently didn’t want to accept coaching and maybe Payne isn’t as good with big men as we were led to believe. If Cal ends up leaving with Brad, why not have St. Mary’s coach on short list? I like a guy with that energy and production that can get more out of the talent he has.

    1. But can that coach recruit top talent? I am not a huge Calipari fan, but you would be pretty silly not to give the man credit for what he has done at UK over 10 seasons or whatever. If all these guys including Nick Richards were to return, look out America!!!

    2. Seems that we have a new “flavor of the week” for the anti-Calipari cabal.
      To be expected I guess !

  2. I agree with you, Mike.
    Let’s be realistic, this team has been lacking in the ‘desire’ department all season.
    They wanted to win last night, but the K-State players wanted to win much more.

  3. Get over yourselves K-State. You are 1-9 against the UK Wildcats. They didn’t disrespect anybody. I think it was K-state that was disrespectful for even bringing this up. It was a hard fought win, be thankful. The Cats will have a long memory on that BS.

  4. I am very disappointed in how Richards was used. He has a great touch, but because he did not rebound, his minutes were very limited. Well, Knox didn’t rebound that great either, but his minutes were never touched. My point being, I don’t think Richards was used correctly to get the most out of him. Think of Skal. He did nothing at UK, but when he went pro, he was allowed to freelance around the paint, and hasn’t too bad. Richards is the best shooter from 17 on in, on this team, but he was used away from the basket. I don’t know what I want from Richards. I sometimes think he would be better with a coach that will let him play away from the basket a little more, but his defense definitely has to improve.

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