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Calipari to players: “Don’t drink the poison”

John Calipari is telling his players there is no easy path to the Final Four. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach John Calipari knows everyone is trying to tell his team that it has an easy path to the Final Four.

Never mind that a week ago Calipari was talking about the strength of the teams UK might have to play before upsets changed the look of the South Region bracket. However, the coach knows it’s foolish to think that teams that got to the South Region are not capable of beating UK.

“We’re excited to be here still playing. My challenge is making sure these kids don’t drink that poison, that poison being we have an easy road,” Calipari said in Atlanta Wednesday. “There are no easy roads in this tournament.

“If they drink that poison, we’ll be done Thursday. If they don’t drink the poison, it’ll be a dogfight on Thursday, and let’s see what happens.


Kentucky plays Kansas State in one South Region semifinal after Nevada and Chicago-Loyola play in the other semifinal.

“Sometimes you wonder why they’re trying to paint that picture with my team. Probably because they’re young and they know they don’t know better,” the Kentucky coach said. “But the teams here, veteran coaches, and their teams are all playing well.

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