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Coach K: “I’m not blaming the referees or anything. But it’s just — it’s disruptive.”

Q. Coach, Wendell Carter gets the three fouls in the first half, then he’s playing in foul trouble in the second half. What challenges does that present to you with Wendell being in foul trouble all night?
DUKE COACH MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: Well, it’s the way the game is. Obviously you have a kid that’s averaged a double-double the whole year and he just wasn’t able to play his game. I’m not blaming the referees or anything. But it’s just — it’s disruptive.

And I thought Marques helped us for a little bit, and then Javin did a really good job. But right towards the end, when we got the ball to Wendell a couple times, Grayson was able to hit him because — one thing throughout the game, they were just, anytime Marvin either had the ball or before he got the ball, they were just smothering him. It was very difficult to get him the ball.

And Wendell responded. And usually if he’s in the ball game, they work well off one another. And so it’s something different. But that’s the way the game is. But obviously it hurts us. You’d rather have him in the game for 30-something minutes.


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  1. ‘ Nother whining coach. Do you reckon Self would have liked to have Azubuike for the entire game?

  2. Just makes you smile, don’t it!!!

  3. Cry me a river.
    I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight.

  4. Laughing at all above, and in total agreement!!!!! So glad Puke lost! I have 3 of the final four in my bracket left. Of course the one missing is Kentucky, but I will be honest. I had Virginia beating my beloved Cats. GO CATS!!!

  5. Go Ramblers and Sister Jean!

  6. The stats would heavily favor Nova, but the heart heavily supports Sister Jean and the Ramblers.

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