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Diallo says Cats worried about “us” and not NCAA bracket

Hamidou Diallo (Vicky Graff Photo)


Hamidou Diallo isn’t worried about how difficult Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament draw may or may not be.

The Cats are in the South Region with No. 1 seed Virginia and No. 2 seed Cincinnati and could face No. 4 seed Arizona in the second round. However, Diallo is not as fearful about the draw as many Kentucky fans were on social media Sunday night.

“We’re just worried about us. We’re just trying to worry about the teams we gotta face and how we gotta play and what we gotta do to get these wins,” Diallo said. “I know the whole region and I know who’s in the bracket. I know it’s a really tough bracket and we just gotta be prepared for anything.”

Kentucky plays Davidson Thursday night at 7:10 ESST in Boise. A win would put UK against either Arizona or Buffalo on Saturday.

Diallo, who said he has never been to Idaho and never thought he would be going there, isn’t “scared” of having to play five games in eight days if UK advances to Saturday’s game.

“We just played three games in three days, so it doesn’t really scare us. We just gotta take care of our bodies. It’s the end of the season. This is why we train so hard and this is what you practice so hard for, being able to play in tough, back-to-back games,” Diallo said.

If UK does play Arizona, he knows about half of Arizona’s players already.

“I’m friends with some of them and stuff like that,” Diallo said.

He’s close friends with Rawle Alkins, who grew up in New York like Diallo did.

“That’s my boy. I played against him a couple times and it’s going to be fun to hopefully get to see them in the second round,” Diallo said.

He doesn’t stay in touch with any of those players during the season.

“I just let everybody have their space. I want my space as well. We talk during the summer time and stuff like that, see each other here and there,” Diallo said.


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  1. It would be nice if Diallo could worry more about himself and how he can contribute more to this team. He hasn’t exactly improved as season has progressed.

  2. Diallo is kind of lost on offense, but I can say that he has improved on continuing to play defense when his offense isn’t working. Earlier in the year, he would get down and when he had no offense, he didn’t play defense either. Sunday he continued good defense. Diallo has all the tools to be one of the best defenders UK has had. He needs to look at tape of DeAndre Liggins. Liggins has made a great living in the NBA playing defense.

    1. OF……agree, he has gotten better on defense. It seems that on offense, once he gets that first dribble, he isn’t sure what he want to do with it.

  3. I like his attitude. Just go play boys, and give it all you have. All the marbles are at stake. On, On, UK!!!!!!

  4. Mr. Diallo still has a slight hitch in his shot and if he can consistently shoot the ball with a smother release, his shots usually go in the basket.

  5. I agree his defense has improved and I also think that because he relies on his jump shot so much, and if it’s not going in the basket. He begins to think about what he should do next (like driving to the basket) and it throws his offensive game off.

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