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Eli Brown’s transfer was “bit of a surprise” to Mark Stoops

Eli Brown waved to the crowd after making six tackles in a UK win last season. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops admits it was a “bit of a surprise” to him when linebacker Eli Brown decided to transfer after being a key player for the Wildcats last season.

“I’m not talking about Eli in this, I’m talking in general, when we need to continue to push the program and get better, there’s accountability that we’re going a hundred miles an hour right now. It’s full-force accountability. You’d better be doing what you’re supposed to be doing 24/7,” Stoops said Monday.

“Some guys are going to like it and some guys aren’t. Guys need to lose weight, guys need to gain weight. Certain positions, we weren’t big enough last year and we need to get bigger. We need to get stronger, and they have some personal accountability to do those things, whether it’s eating, lifting, going to class, going to tutors.

“There’s a lot of things, and as our accountability picks up off the field, it will directly reflect some of the things we do on the field, and I think our team is getting very much improved and we’re getting closer to that 100 percent what we’re striving for, but that’s across the board.

So you never know how things are going to go.

“But with Eli, wish him the best. He’s a good kid. He’s played. He’s helped us. So we wish him the best.



  1. Hated to see this young man transfer. That said, life goes on. Stoops gave an odd answer after Brown and his transfer came up.

  2. Not sure what would be different if he was talking about Eli.

  3. Why should it surprise him??? He made his choice when he kept putting Jones ahead of him no matter what behavior problems Jones was having. Stoops can spout accountability all he wants, but it appears there is no accountability for certain players. I would have left in a heart beat and don’t blame him one bit for doing so. It really bothers me that Stoops seems to turn this around and blame Brown for not wanting to be accountable, when it was Jones causing the problems and Stoops overlooked them and made excuses every time. I hope Brown goes somewhere and has a year that makes Stoops’ look absolutely foolish.

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