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Former Gillispie assistant at UK now part of Kansas’ Final Four coaching staff

Jerrance Howard


Remember Jerrance Howard?

He’s the former Kentucky assistant coach that worked for Billy Gillispie when he was head coach at Kentucky before he suddenly departed for reasons that were never really explained.

However, he’s now on Bill Self’s staff at Kansas and is part of the Final Four this weekend.

Jerrance has an unbelievable outgoing personality that people are drawn to. He has personality and he enjoys everything about coaching,” Self said Thursday.

“He enjoys being on the floor. He enjoys behind the scenes. He loves the recruiting. He loves developing relationships with people, young and old.

“But I do think in recent memory and certainly he’s worked with great coaches, with Billy and with Bruce (Weber) and obviously with Larry (Brown) and he’s been at KU a while. He’s basically learned how to coach.

“He is a basketball coach that can recruit, as opposed to so many guys sometimes get labeled as a recruiter.

“But we put Jerrance in situations where he’s in charge of many different things and he’s become a terrific scout. And so he’s a young guy, but he’s the complete package.”


  1. This article is about Howard I know, and he sounds like a terrific assistant at KU. That said, I thought Gillispie got a raw deal from UK, but many say, who were in the know, that it was the right move for UK at the time. Howard could probably tell some stories I’m sure about his days at UK on coach Billy’s staff. Gillispie has never really been the same since. A career ruined as I see it. The man obviously had some major issues. I would almost venture to say that Gillispie had a hand in getting Howard hired at KU. I heard that Gillispie and Self are close friends. Gillispie, in spite of his personal issues at UK, had Texas A&M rolling before he took the UK job. He has sunk like a rock ever since leaving Lexington on a rail. No matter what you think of the man, it is a sad story.

  2. Pup, I don’t know how you figure that Gillispie got a raw deal after he treated some of our players like dogs. There’s two coaches that I haven’t like as a coach at UK since I been following them Gillispie and Sutton they run our program like dirt. Didn’t care about the players just themselves.

  3. The University has the right to part company with any coach. I get that, and apparently Billy G had his share of issues. It is still a sad story. Gillispie had been a legend as a HS coach in Texas. He did a fantastic job at A&M and that is why Barnhart hired him to start with. He was an old school type coach who had his ways and methods. Many players today can and can’t cut it when they have a hard A$$ coach. Gillispie was just trying to get a group of UK players in the best shape possible and I suppose and make men out of them. I heard he drove them pretty hard. Most of his A&M players loved him though. A career ruined is all I am saying, and he is to blame I suspect for a lot of it. I sort of liked him, but you don’t really know someone unless you are in the inner circle.

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