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Georgia coach Kirby Smart: “The expectation is to win every game you play.”

Football expectations at Georgia are always high. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Q. You talked about trying to tamp down the expectations or the hype around this team. Can also the way the season ended and coming so close, can that be a motivation and are you using that to build a fire under this team, one playa way from winning it all last year?

GEORGIA COACH KIRBY SMART: Yeah, I think that team is that team. We’ve kind of absorbed that and embraced that and to start with your first statement, I don’t think that I can put down those expectations. The expectations are what they are at the University of Georgia. The expectation is to win every game you play. Why should it be any different?

So we want to create that brand that we expecting to out and dominate our opponent. That’s what we thrive to do. That’s why we go lift weights. That’s why we go and run. We want to dominate every opponent. That’s our goal. Go out and dominate our opponent. It’s not about what you guys think, what the fans think. It’s not about any of that. It’s about what we can do to make sure our players are playing at the highest level every week, week in and week out. That’s our ultimate goal.

We’re not going out with the mantra we’re a play away, two plays away, because as soon as you say that, we’re a play away from not being there too. Bottom line, this team is distinctly different than that team. So what will be the identity of this team is all I’m worried about. I’m worried about who is going to be the leaders? What are going to be the traits? Are we going to be better at getting turnovers? Are we going to be more explosive? How are we going to change offensively? Where are we going to evolve to? Those are things we need to see so we can find out where we’re going.

But we’re not patting ourselves on the back like a lot of our players are getting in the public.

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