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John Calipari: “No one will steal my joy.”

John Calipari said Friday no one could steal his joy. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky fans set high standards for Kentucky basketball. So does the media. But John Calipari said during his press conference in Boise Friday before UK plays Buffalo Saturday that nothing will spoil his enjoyment for this season.

“I enjoy it. No one will steal my joy. I don’t read anything. Has anybody followed me on Twitter. If you do, I don’t read what you send back. 600,000 Facebook, 700,000, a million, I don’t read any of it. I send stuff out. I send pictures out and most of it is trying to help other people,” Calipari said.

“But my joy is my joy. No one creates it for me and no one will take it away. I’ve had many people try to steal my joy. They failed. They failed. If I worry about people in the seats, what they’re saying — in Kentucky we have four million coaches, that’s how many people live in the state, four million. If I worry about them I’ll be up there sitting with them.

“I try to coach my team. And I get great joy. When I don’t get that great joy then I won’t do this anymore. I don’t feel like I have to do this the rest of my life and then that’s it. I’m really enjoying the players. Very hard turning over teams like this. Very difficult. And there were times I’d shake my head, why do I even try this?

“And I think back to my teams where I had four years with guys when I was at UMass. And I wish I had guys for four years. But it’s not my rule. And all I’m trying to do is help the kids and whatever is right for the kids I’ll deal with. They are 19. I am 49. I can deal with it.”


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  1. Um, you might want to check the headline. No one will steal Cal’s joy. Not his job. ?

    1. Perhaps his joy is his job or vice versa .

  2. You gotta love it….Coach Oats said that Cal needs to stop whining about his team being so young…yes coach, many of us feel the same. Their center also made the comment that we couldn’t match up on the inside.

  3. I’m glad Cal does it the way he sees fit. I don’t want a coach that tries to please everyone. When you do that, you have no direction. I don’t care for the one-and-done, but Cal has given us a lot of enjoyment with it.

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