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John Calipari on Boise donuts

Kentucky fans watched Wednesday’s open practice. James is originally from Cynthiana and Mary is from Louisville. (Vicky Graff Photo)


There’s no way to tell what one might learn during a John Calipari press conference.

Sure, he talked some about Thursday night’s NCAA Tournament game with Davidson during his time with the media in Boise Wednesday. But he also spent a lot of time discussing donuts.

It started when he was asked about being in Boise.

“It’s been great. Our guys were talking about the mountains and the views. We went to Owyhee Tavern last night, had a great meal,” Calipari said. “Stopped at a couple of Catholic churches in town. And then we went to DK’s Donuts. I am not a donut eater, but I ate some of those donuts.

“I’ve never heard of a place, only in Boise, they’re open from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m., then they’re shut down. Who goes at 4 a.m.? So I’m like, policemen, ranchers, farmers? Who goes at 4 a.m.? Unless you’re just getting in. And it doesn’t look like a town like that.”

That brought a big laugh at the press conference before he said would figure out something to do with his team tonight.

But that was the prelim to the big question: Did he try the bacon donut?

“I did. It was unbelievable. Here’s what I did, I looked at them and I went, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ So we did the bacon. And I cut it four ways. So I didn’t have — it’s this big. I only had like a little bit. And before I could get another little bit it was gone. We were there with five guys,” Calipari said

“And then I did the bowtie that had the chocolate and maple together dripping off of it. Is anybody getting hungry right now? There was so much sugar that I won’t sleep tonight. And then I did the apple fritter, and we cut that up. But I only had a little bit.

“Folks, I’m not a donut eater, even though you look at me and say, yes, you are a donut eater. I’m not a donut eater. The coffee wasn’t bad, either.”

After Calipari had a little fun after the NCAA pairings were made taking playful jabs at being placed in Boise, several media members had questions for UK players about being in Boise.

Freshman Kevin Knox Kevin was asked if he knew where Boise was.

“He (Calipari) asked us specifically if we knew where it was at. He kind of said the answer before he asked. We all got the answer and we kind of looked at him crazy. But I’m pretty sure most of us knew where it was, we’re all pretty good, smart young men,” Knox joked.

Calipari had also said he wasn’t thrilled about a six-hour flight to Boise.

“The flight was like four hours, I don’t know why he said six. But it’s great being here so far. We have been practicing already. We’re just basically ready to play. We’re happy to be here,” UK freshman P.J. Washington said.

Do the players worry about local fans being against them because of Calipari’s remarks?

“No, we didn’t think like that, we just thought he was just trying to be funny again, like he usually always is. Nothing too serious,” freshman Shai Gilgeous-Alexander said.


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  1. Cal is so special. Man I love this time of year.

  2. DK’s has been making and selling that Bacon Donut for years. It’s nothing special but the concept of a “bacon donut” has made that little bakery unique in the near Northwest. The rest of their bakery goods are quite good although I’m partial to Burke’s Bakery right here in Danville!

    1. Give me Burke’s any day

    2. What would qualify you to be an expert on DK’s donuts in Boise?

      1. The same thing that qualifies you as a football/basketball expert moron. Ever been to Boise jackass?? Nice town, great scenery, great fishing. There’s even a Mickey D’s you could transfer too as a di8shwasher. Better than your current position !!

  3. .PK….got you again Alkie…We only lived in the Pacific NW for 23 yrs. so obviously that disqualifies us from knowing anything about Boise. You are really a DA!

  4. That would explain much about you jack***.

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