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Kansas coach Bill Self: “We haven’t kicked the door in yet”

Q. Bill, at the end of the game against Duke I think I saw you just sort of raise your fist, maybe scream a little bit. What was going through your mind then?
KANSAS COACH BILL SELF: Well, these guys know, I try not to be too emotional. I’m not the most emotional guy. But sometimes you can just be overcome with it. And at that moment I was.

I mean, I’m happy for our staff and our school and all that stuff, but I’m more happy for these guys, because they’ve sacrificed so much and having experienced what the very best of college basketball is about.

And you think about it, hey, in their careers all we’ve been is the number one overall seed, the number two overall seed and the number three overall seed and haven’t gotten to a Final Four.

So that means that these guys have done so well to put us in a position but we hadn’t kicked the door in yet. So I’m really — I’m happy for us, staff, school, everything, but I’m more happy for these guys because they deserve to experience what the best of college basketball is and that will be what takes place Saturday and Monday.

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