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Kansas State player admits K-State players didn’t get organized for postgame handshake line


Too bad the biggest storyline out of Kansas State beating Kentucky 61-58 Thursday night to advance to the Elite Eight seems to be the controversy about Kentucky players not shaking hands after the game.

Kansas State players in the locker room after the game said that Kentucky players didn’t stay on the court to shake hands. Kansas State junior guard Amaad Wainright called it “sorry” for UK players to do. “They know what they did,” he said.
Another player said it was about UK “being cocky” while one player did acknowledge that “we did shake hands with a few” players after the game.
Kentucky coach John Calipari said immediately after the game he did shake hands with the Kansas State coaches but didn’t with the players because they were celebrating the win — an emotion he understood.

Video indeed shows Calipari, his assistant coaches and players shaking hands with Kansas State coach Bruce Webber and his players. It also shows Quade Green, Hamidou Diallo, Jarred Vanderbilt and Brad Calipari shaking hands with Kansas State players who had lined up after other UK players had turned their back and were leaving the court.

On Friday, Kansas State guard Barry Brown Jr. — who scored the game-winning basket — was asked if K-State players were “offended” by what happened with the postgame handshake.

“Well, I mean, I think we were just cheering too much and didn’t really get kind of organized to be able to get in that line and shake their hands,” Brown said. “Maybe they just walked off just because they didn’t think that we were going to get organized and be able to shake their hands.”

Kudos for his honesty because this makes it seem more likely if anyone was to blame the handshake snafu, it was Kansas State — not Kentucky.


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  1. Much to do about nothing.

  2. Non story…not sure why article written.

    1. Clearly I wrote the story to explain that UK did not snub Kansas State. Not sure why you didn’t get that Mike

      1. Larry…..I actually did not read your post as had read the story elsewhere. The sting of this type of defeat is still rocking me, and I could care less about hand shakes.

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