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Knox on loss at Florida: “We didn’t really give our all.”

Kevin Knox after Saturday’s loss at Florida. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kevin Knox appreciates coach John Calipari taking the blame for UK’s 80-67 loss at Florida because he chose not to have the team scrimmage as much before the game as it had been.

“Just because we didn’t scrimmage doesn’t mean necessarily that we gotta go out and play the way we played,” Knox said. “But the scrimmaging did help us out a lot, just getting to know each other better on the court, playing with different lineups, getting a feel for each other. I think that really helped.

“I think we should have (gone) a little more scrimmaging, but that’s not a reason or excuse to why we played that bad.”

He’s right. Maybe the scrimmaging would have helped. But scrimmage or not, there was no excuse for the lack of passing or non-existent defense.

“The rest of this season, everybody’s going to give their all. Florida definitely came out on top. They were hitting a lot of shots and we didn’t really play that well, but that’s how we’re going to get the rest of the season,” Knox said.

“We just gotta be able to come in mentally prepared and just make sure that we come in and play hard every game because now it’s win or go home. A lot of teams’ seasons are on the line so we gotta be able to come out and play hard like our season is on the line.”

Kentucky plays the Georgia-Missouri winner Friday at 3:30 p.m. EST in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals. Knox  likes UK’s chances.

“I think we’re in good spot just because I think we can improve as a team. On Saturday when we lost at Florida, we didn’t really give our all. Players weren’t really playing their best, but if we get everyone to play their best this team is really hard to beat,” Knox said.


UK “didn’t really give our all.” Ouch.

Then I know UK fans didn’t want to hear “players really weren’t playing their best” in a game where UK fell behind 32 points.

“We played a lot of games this year, a few games where we just went out and just played all of our best games and everything and we haven’t lost yet. From now on, we have to play like that because it’s win or go home,” Knox said.


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  1. Wow, what an amazing statement! Calipari needs to keep these freshmen phenoms away from the media IMO. They just keep digging a big hole. Just shut up and go play ball boys. Try your best to represent the “Big Blue” by playing like Kentucky is supposed to play, hard nosed, aggressive, in your face basketball. You are fortunate to be at UK. Right now it’s not about the NBA, or OAD or anything else, it’s about Kentucky basketball.

  2. Mr LarryPup, I agree with you and I’m amazed that some players just don’t get it when it comes to putting all your effort and passion into your University/ team. But I’m not surprised because of how I saw them just lolly gagging around during their sprints during practice!!! As a player I would be ashamed to say our team didn’t give its all regarding our play.

  3. Certainly a disappointing statement from Knox, but I guess not totally surprising because this team really hasn’t totally bought in all year, and a lot of this falls in Cal’s lap. His recruiting luster has diminished last couple of years and if Hardaway takes over Memphis it will be nice knowing you Mr. Wiseman. It is getting very hard to get up for this team with or without Vando.

  4. Mr. Know simply does not get it at all. I doubt that many of the players on this roster get it either. It is a sad commentary on the state of the program that players do not understand what is expected of them, and openly say so.

  5. These guys could get away with 75% effort in high school and still win…now, that will only work against Popcorn State. They have played enough games at UK and got their butts kicked enough times to know that won’t work in the SEC or NCAA tournaments. Effort is a choice. Let’s see what they choose.

  6. I think we have seen what they have chosen all season long, and comments by various players throughout the season have been like Knox’s comments here. Such as, Coach Calipari tells us X, but we do Y.

    After a couple of tough losses, they seem to get right with their coach, but that only lasts for a game or two, and win the winning returns, they go back to the easy way of their preferences.

    I am convinced that Coach Calipari is NOT the issue, it is this group of players.

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