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Lexy Lakes appreciates “basketball state” getting her to Final Four 3-Point Contest

Lexy Lake, left, celebrates with her sister, friends and grandparents after earning a trip to the Final Four.


Lexy Lake had hoped getting a spot in the American Family Insurance High School Slam Dunk & 3-Point Championship in San Antonio during the men’s Final Four might be a “possibility” when she was one of 16 girls nationwide nominated for a bracket style contest to select one contestant to join seven others already scheduled to compete April 1.

However, the Mercer County senior was more focused on helping the Lady Titans win a second straight state championship — which they did — than the contest.

The last few days, though, she focused plenty on the contest because she was in the final against Caitlyn Poore of Missouri. With only a few hours left in the voting Friday, Lake trailed before a late surge got her a 50.14 percent vote total and spot in the Final Four.

“Thirty seconds before the voting ended Emma (Davis) and a bunch of people at school were on Facetime with me. When we actually found out, I was with some friends in Lexington and me and Channing (Lewis) were chest bumping and high fiving,” Lake said. “Everybody was looking at us like we were crazy. It was hilarious but I am so, so excited.”

Lake thanked many Mercer fans — and also fans across the state or Kentucky basketball fans in state and outside the state as well — for their support.

“When this started I didn’t think a small-town girl would really have a chance,” she said. “But Kentucky is such a basketball state. It’s just amazing.”

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