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Megan Calipari: “Guys we have the cutest most badass mom you don’t even know”

Megan Calipari called her mom, Ellen Calipari (right), a “badass” on Twitter. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


It’s really kind of hard to imagine what it must be like to be one of John Calipari’s children and see/hear the criticism he takes, especially on social media.

Sure, one way to avoid that would be to stay off social media. But that’s a lot easier said than done.

Megan Calipari is not shy about sharing opinions on social media (@MeganteCalipari on Twitter) and doesn’t mind firing back at those who criticize her father.

She had her share on fun on Twitter Sunday — and why not after UK got a spot in the Sweet Sixteen only a few weeks after many had written this Kentucky team off as perhaps the second worst UK team in Calipari’s nine years.

Take a look at some of her tweets from the last two days and enjoy.

— I’m at @JohnBrewers in Natick & when the bartender carded me he immediately turned all TVs to the UK game and turned the volume up.

— Guys we have the cutest most badass mom you don’t even know

— He’s actually not a sweets guy. Unless the food was given to him for free then he will eat literally anything. Anything.

— She’s such a badass. So grateful to have such a strong woman as my mom

— We have a whole new team from last season. And it’s not our fault that the lower seeds are winning. Your argument is invalid.

— Sorry guys I get salty in March. I will @ you.

— I don’t even know who I am in March its the madness.

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