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Michigan coach says Charles Matthews “was injured when he came to us (from Kentucky)”

Charles Matthews (Vicky Graff Photo)

Q. Can you talk about Charles Matthews? And obviously sitting out and being able to kind of see what your program is all about in that year, sometimes transfers obviously come in as a grad transfer and play right away. But what was the value in that?

MICHIGAN COACH JOHN BEILEIN: “I think people transferring for the wrong reasons, you know, is probably a problem in college basketball. But there’s, sometimes it may be a better fit or a kid wants to take a year and just try and get better. He knew that that year was going to be an extremely difficult year for him, that he was not going to get to play in games.

“But we had to find a way during that year to just get him stronger, get him healthy because he was injured when he came to us (from Kentucky), worked at his shooting, his passing, his defense. And value the Michigan education as well. And I can’t tell you how — it’s been incredible how he’s bought in with everything about what the philosophy of our program.

“He’s a student first. His work habits are incredible. And he knows his blind spots. And he wants to get better in those blind spots. And that’s been a great — he’s just been a great addition to the team. It’s amazing who his best friends are.

“And they’re just good people that you’d never think you’d be hanging out with. He just really embraced the Michigan culture. Reminds me of Tim Hardaway in many ways where they just want to work and get better even though they’re elite players.”

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