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NCAA Basketball Committee chair not real clear about what impact Vanderbilt injury might have on UK’s NCAA status

Jarred Vanderbilt (Mont Dawson Photo)


Bruce Rasmussen, the director of athletics at Creighton University and the chair of the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, wouldn’t offer a lot of insights into what a possible injury to freshman Jarred Vanderbilt might do to Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament standing.

Vanderbilt was hurt in practice Tuesday and was listed as “day to day” by UK. The Cats open SEC Tournament play Friday in St Louis.

Rasmussen was on a teleconference today and was asked about Vanderbilt.

Question: Jarred Vanderbilt, sustained an injury in practice yesterday. His status is day-to-day. We don’t know what his status is at this point. How does the committee factor in a key injury to a key player?
BRUCE RASMUSSEN: “That’s a great question. Player and coach availability is taken into consideration by the committee in the season-long team evaluation process. Every availability situation is unique and considered as such in evaluating a team roster for March. It’s important to stress that the results of all Division I games on a team’s schedule are considered by the committee in team evaluations, and that no team’s results are dismissed.”

Question: I want to take one more crack at the Kentucky injury situation, only in the sense of they could be one team with this player and a different team without him, a much better team with him. How does the committee square that circle?
BRUCE RASMUSSEN: “Again, it will be a discussion. We don’t try to project how a team will do with or without a player. We try to look at what they’ve done over the entire year and make a decision based upon that.”

Kentucky coach John Calipari is scheduled to have a media opportunity Thursday at 7 p.m. EST in St. Louis.


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  1. I love the energy Vando brings, but let’s get real.
    Kentucky is a mediocre team ‘with’ or ‘without’ Vanderbilt.

  2. I am concerned that not having Vanderbilt will hurt this team. First, he brings a level of energy that can be contagious, and indeed was contagious during that 4 game winning streak. Second, the team average ANE prior to his appearance was about 0.171 ppp and it rose to an average of 0.195 ppp since his arrival. At 0.195 ppp, this team is 4th best in the SEC and at 0.171 ppp it drops to 8th in the SEC, dropping below Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Missouri. Missouri is UK’s most likely opponent on Friday.

  3. Against a good team, Vanderbilt is the player they can least do without. Contributions of every other player can be covered by someone else, but Vanderbilt is the ONLY hard-nosed, keep the motor running, don’t back down player on this team.

  4. The chances of UK advancing in the post season without Vanderbilt are slim unless some others toughen up and play much harder than they have in the past. His injury is bad news for UK and the BBN. This has been a bad year so far for UK “hoops” based on past standards.

  5. Larry, Vanderbilt injury is not serious as first thought the word is he’s got a sprain ankle not a foot injury as first publish, but still may not play him sec tourney. rest him for the big dance. Also SEC is stronger top to bottom than it has been in years that may have some contribution why we didn’t fair well beside being lackluster at times and another thing is had we been healthy with a full squad the outcome may have been better. It is what it is GO CATS!!!

  6. The SEC is stronger in positions 4 through 14, and much stronger at 13 and 14. However, the 1, 2 and 3 spots are weaker than they have been in recent seasons. this produces a compression, and the space from top to bottom is the smallest I have ever seen in the SEC.

  7. Cats 79, I like your positive attitude and agree with you!

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