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P.J. Washington on Boise: “Our hotel is nice.”

Q. Have you guys been able to enjoy Boise? What have been some stuff that you have gone out? What do you think of the city so far?

PJ WASHINGTON: No, we haven’t gone out. But our hotel is nice. The Courtyard Marriott is kind of good (laughter).

KEVIN KNOX: We haven’t really done much. We went out to eat, that’s about it. And went back to the room.

SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER: The restaurant we ate at was pretty good. That’s about it. We didn’t do too much. I don’t know the name of it.

KEVIN KNOX: It was seafood.


  1. Doubt I have ever seen so much revealed in so few words. These three seem relaxed, matter of fact, and relatively unaffected by the potential chaos ahead. Either really good mental preparation or naivete. I think it’s 80/20. We’ll see soon enough.
    Man I love this time of year.


    1. They are all pretty cool guys

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