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P.J. Washington says Cats love to win, fight for each other

P.J. Washington (Vicky Graff Photo)


How good could Kentucky be next year?

That’s a difficult question to answer today because there’s no real clue as to what the roster might look like. Not only could John Calipari still add players to his recruiting class, but there’s no way to know who will or will not leave UK to play professionally.

P.J. Washington is one of the freshmen who has seen his name on some NBA draft mock lists. So what does he think the team’s capability could be next season?

“I have no clue right now,” Washington said after UK lost to Kansas State Thursday night. “I feel like we have a great group of guys here. They love to win, and they love to fight for each other.

“I feel like if a lot of guys come back next year it’ll be the same. We’ll just continue to do what we do here at Kentucky.”


  1. PJ, if you’re reading this, come on back – we can use your hustle and fight!! We appreciate what you gave to this team this year!

  2. If you’re coming back, PLEASE get better at shooting freethrows. You are going to get fouled more than anyone else in the SEC because you haven’t proved that you can consistently make that uncontestd 15 foot shot…especially when it counts.

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