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Roy Wiliams: “I think about jumping off the top of the building right now, but I don’t think of retirement.”

Roy Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)

After Sunday’s beatdown by Texas A&M in the NCAA Tournament, North Carolina coach Roy Williams was asked if he thinks about retirement.

Q. Coach, how often do you think of retirement?

ROY WILLIAMS: The last 30 minutes (laughter). You know, I don’t do that, guys. I think about the next practice, the next game. One of my best friends in the world, Jerry Green, asked me when I was Coach Smith’s assistant, what’s your five-year or ten-year plan. I said never have one, never will have one. I try to coach and do the best I can today and hopefully get a chance to do the same thing again tomorrow.

“I realize I’m 67. I can’t run up and down the sidelines, I can’t get out and demonstrate like I used to. And I wasn’t a very good player, but I could demonstrate what I wanted to. No, I don’t think about that. I think about jumping off the top of the building right now, but I don’t think of retirement.”


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  1. Hey Roy, why don’t you try jumping into a class that doesn’t exist? And then get credit for it!

    1. Fitting end to the season for the UNC Cheaters, routed in their home state by of all teams, a lowly SEC program many of these experts, so called experts, look down upon. A&M is a great team who put the hammer on the mighty “tarheels!” Sad day in college roudball too, when so many programs get severe punishment handed down. All from a bunch of biased, dishonest and gutless NCAA officials. The governing body who has allowed UNC to avoid the punishment so deserved. Just to keep the liberal Dean Smith’s legacy protected. Sad indeed.

  2. I would like to know how UNC gets to play 36 NCAA tournament games in the state of North Carolina. If someone could check it out, I will bet that Duke is the only other school in the country that has been allowed to play that many tournament games in their home state. That needs to stop.

    1. That is something I never understood OldFan

      1. Oh I understand, it is called a rigged system.

  3. It’s always a great day around our house when UNC loses and especially so, when UNC gets absolutely trounced.

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