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Sacha Killeya-Jones on his confidence after Alabama win (Larry Vaught/Verizon Video)


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  1. i am wondering if Cal feels that SKJ slipping away from the team after this year. He abuses him most of the year and then says today he can be a difference maker.

    1. Mike, you might be on to something. Many times this year if you saw SKJ sitting on the bench when Cal walked by or when someone else was going in didn’t look like he was a happy camper. I am willing to bet he will look at his options at the end of this year. Not saying he will leave, but it wouldn’t surprise me for him to seriously entertain the idea; especially, if UK gets another big for next year. I don’t see Richards, Washington, Gabriel, or Vanderbilt leaving for the NBA, so another big recruit would make it really crowded.

  2. I wo.nder Mike has loss his mind after today’s win.

  3. Great win, smothering defense and extraordinary shooting. I’m encouraged, but still not convinced this team has the goods to go far. I hope they convince me tomorrow.
    As for SKJ…He should have been a starter from day one, IMO. That’s another one of Cal’s mistakes. I wonder if he will own it.

  4. A month or so ago the a##h@le of Central Kentucky declared this kid as one of coach Cals “wasted scholorships”.
    A true genius !

  5. Hey Hotshot….what has he done in 2 yrs.?..That’s what I thought.

    1. He has not given up that’s what. He is learning to play with energy and confidence that’s what. He is trying to get better that’s what. Some take longer than others to grow unlike you who still acts like a spoiled kid with a computer.

    2. Refreshing to know that you knew who I was referring too genius.

  6. UK’s offense looked pretty good today, but they still need to work on defense; especially, when they have a lead. If you go back and watch the game again, many times in the second half Alabama just missed open shots, no defender even close. I even heard Mike Pratt and Tom Leach both comment on the poor defense about midway through the second half. If you are a decent team, you should definitely beat a team playing their 3rd game in 48 hours, when you are only playing your second. I think this will help with UK’s confidence, but they have to look at what is getting them the leads and what is causing them to let teams back in. The entire year, they have been letting up on defense, whether it is letting up later in the game or even later in the shot clock. They have had problems with both.

    1. I guess you missed the comment from their coach that said don’t let playing 3 days in a row be your excuse. Maybe it was the suffocating DEFENSE in the 1st half that had them doubting themselves on shots in the second. Or maybe just maybe it was as Larry Bird always said “Making a 3 when teams make a run cut their hearts out”. The line was 5 and we tripled that. Maybe just maybe they are getting better!!

  7. I expect SKJ to transfer…possibly to Wake Forest or Davidson. It’s hard to see where he will get any minutes with the returning group next year. He held his own today. He actually was passed the ball in spots where he could do something with it. Wish he would rebound more.

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