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SEC coaches believe league could be even better next year

Bryce Drew (Wade Upchurch Photo)


ST. LOUIS — Southeastern Conference coaches have touted the strength of the league from top to bottom all season. How often have you heard Kentucky coach John Calipari say the SEC should have eight, maybe nine, teams in the NCAA Tournament?

“The league is incredible and has been talked about on a national basis. I believe a minimum of eight teams come out of SEC (for the NCAA),” Mississippi State coach Ben Howland said. “I think you will see a number of teams in our league because of how tough it is do very well in postseason play because of the competition level.”

Then he added this little tidbit.

“And it is going to be the same or better next year,” Howland said.

It’s a little early to think about next year, but that could be the most encouraging thing about the SEC’s resurgence. Remember last year the SEC had three teams in the Elite Eight.

“As we look to the future, we are going to have more good recruits coming in,” Vanderbilt coach Bryce Drew, who has Vandy’s best recruiting class lined up, said. “More projected draft picks in 2019 than any league in the country i think, so I think it will be even better next year.”


  1. I hope we can get Orlando Antigua back because we’re gonna need him more than ever.

  2. Calipari better find some new players quick if this is accurate.

  3. Hornet your sweating too much, we will be fine it’s not end of the world. Go Cats!!

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