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Seth Greenberg: “Arizona is as talented a team as there is in the tournament.”

Seth Greenberg and Jay Bilas, right, agree that Arizona could be a Final Four team.
(Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)

Several ESPN college basketball analysts offered their opinions on the NCAA Tournament South Region that includes Kentucky.

South Region

Seth Greenberg on region: “South region is brutal… it’s physical, has athleticism.”

Jay Williams, on tough road for No. 1 seed Virginia: “South is the most difficult region.”

Jay Bilas: “Arizona is grossly under-seeded (as a four seed).”

Bilas on biggest problem for No. 1 overall seed Virginia: “Arizona. They are big and physical and they can handle Virginia.”

Greenberg on Virginia: “This team is different because they are better offensively than recent teams.”

Bilas: “A lot of defense in this bracket. I still think Arizona and Virginia are the best teams in this bracket.”

Greenberg on Stephen F. Austin: “That team absolutely disrupts you. They turn you over.  They are physical. They don’t let you run offense. That is going to be a rock fight.”

Bilas on Stephen F. Austin: “The press. They force turnovers. They are a very good basketball team.”

Bilas: “Arizona is one of the best teams in the country with one of the best players in the country.”

Greenberg: “Arizona is as talented a team as there is in the tournament.”

Bilas on Nevada: “They are very, very talented with major conference talent.”


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  1. I don’t normally like to agree with Greenberg and Bilas on much of anything, but I do on their assessment of the South Region. That region is a tough road to the final four, and the championship game. Can UK do it? I sure hope so.

  2. The NCAA had to give Arizona a 4 because they did not want to put them in a bracket with NC or Duke. Also, by putting them in the same bracket with UK and Virginia, they will kill 2 birds with one stone. The NCAA does not want NC or Duke to play Virginia until later in the tournament. Too bad UK and Tenn did not get the same consideration.

  3. Arizona could very well win it all. KY has to deal with Davidson first, then take on Arizona. That game, if it happens, will let them see just how much they will have to improve to have a shot next year.

  4. I completely disagree. Arizona ended the season with an ANE of 0.201 ppp and UK ended at 0.208. Arizona was less consistent than UK over the course of the season, and their final 8 games were not significantly different from their overall season. UK on the other hand finished the last 8 games playing championship quality basketball with an average ANE over the last 8 games of 0.319 ppp. I look for UK to advance to the Sweet 16, where Virginia stands tall as a classic #1 seed.

    1. I hope you are right Professor.

    2. I am glad the numbers agree with my observation. I watch a ton of Hoops(i am a night owl so I catch the late games as well). Ayton is a hand full but pressure on their guards and a team effort like the one used on Maeten and Williams could slow him down. I believe our bench strength will be a bonus and they can’t afford for him to get in foul trouble. I like this team. I have all year(not that they did worry me) And I believe the UT game showed them how tough they have to be. I am making plans for Catlanta and hope they get me there.


  5. The committee dropped the hammer on UK once again and once again, they did their best to pave an easy road for Duke and UNC.

    1. Yes yes they did. But imagine being UVA. The number one overall seed and sent to Boise. OUCH. While Mich St and UNC play in their home states. I mean talk about being hosed. They should have to explain that. Not sure I remember the overall 1 seed having to travel over 2000 miles across country for their 1st game. Their fans got hosed as well. Probably because there were more of them in NYC at the ACC tournament than unc had. .

      1. This biased committee has to try and make sure UK, Arizona, and the top seed UVA (what an injustice to this great team) leave the competition asap. They have already beaten the UNC Cheaters in the ACC tourney. This committee is a joke. they don’t even make sense when they try to explain why about a lot of things in the “as closed to being rigged” as possible 2018 NCAA Tournament. The UNC Cheaters for starters should be sitting where Louisville is tonight, in lots of trouble.

      2. Virginia is short handed now. No way I can see them making Final Four. I didn’t think so before

  6. first it was the inane RPI which has absolutely no basis or reliability. Now it is some weird quad system that no one really understands or cares about, completely subjective.

    The NCAA likes to keep the water murky so they can play games with these tournaments to suit their agenda.

    So simple to adopt the Pomeroy ranking and seed accordingly.

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