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Sister Jean looked like one of the players by “the way she was getting interviewed”

Sister Jean

Q. Sister Jean had her own news conference before. It was jam-packed. What do you as players make for the fact that she’s become such a sensation and what does she do for this team?

DONTE INGRAM: Looking in the media room, walking by, you would have thought she was one of us, one of the players, the way she was getting interviewed. But, yeah, she’s meant a lot to this program, to the city of Chicago. Obviously with the prayers that everybody sees she’s been doing for us, she’s around and her aura is so bright. She sends e-mails after the game, generalized and individualized, letting you know what we did well and just to keep it going and instilling that confidence in us. Obviously to have her support, it’s great. And she’s like no other. We’re happy to have her on our side.

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