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Stoops won’t put ban on social media use

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops. (Vicky Graff Photo)


If you criticize a coach when you disagree with a decision, then you should praise him when you agree with what he’s doing.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops could easily have decided to ban UK football players from Twitter after the outburst offensive lineman E.J. Price — who is now back on the team — had Thursday when he said he had quit the team, ripped coaches, and then apologized to teammates and coaches.

Instead, Stoops said  Saturday that banning players from social media was not an option he even seriously considered.

“I can’t see even trying to put a complete stop to it. I don’t even know how you can. It’s like asking somebody not to talk,” Stoops said.

For athletes the ages that Stoops coaches, limiting social media is probably an impossibility because it is the way they communicate.


“Kids need to find a way to express themselves. Do we agree with it? Do we like it? No. It’s a distraction. You don’t love it,” Stoops said.  “We educate them and continue to educate them on that. The minute you hit send, it’s news; it’s printed. It’s out there. There’s no erasing it. We need to help them through that as best we can.”

Stoops wants more accountability for poor social media choices and said it needs to come from the players as well as the cocahes.

“That’s a team issue, what the players want and how they hold themselves accountable, what their expectations are,” Stoops said.

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