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UK signees know E.J. Montgomery is special

E.J. Montgomery (McDonald’s All-American Photo)


ATLANTA — Kentucky signee Immanuel Quickley understands how important Georgia forward E.J. Montgomery could be to UK’s program.

He made sure to throw him a few lob passes during the team’s scrimmage at the McDonald’s All-American Game Monday.

“He’s already really good, and he’s just going to get better,” Quickley said. “He makes you have to go out and defend him.

“If I drive, the lane is either going to be open or I can throw it out to him if his man stays in the lane. He can do a lot more than that, but just having that ability to space the court makes him really special.”

Another Kentucky signee, Keldon Johnson, is also playing in Wednesday’s game. He’s not talked a lot to Montgomery yet, but has let him know how he feels.

“We’ve not talked a lot about it, but he knows I would love to have him at Kentucky,” Johnson said. “But he’s not really said a lot about what he might do. Or at least hasn’t yet.”

Montgomery has narrowed his choices to Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Georgetown and Georgia.


  1. There has been a lot of buzz out there lately about E.J. and apparently a lot of misinformation as well A couple of days ago it seemed to be down to 3 schools. Now, speculation has 7 schools in the mix, It was stated yesterday that his best relationship with a coach is with Bryce Drew of Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt wasn’t a school mentioned earlier. Vandy already has two [2] 5* players committed next year and 1 other highly probable. If they get E.J. that could give them 4. Anyone suspect a little changing of the guard coming?

  2. Vanderbilt has never been a hotbed for top 10 talent. You have to wonder what’s going on to turn that around in one year.

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