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West Virginia coach Bob Huggins explains travel issues his team has had this week as only he can

Bob Huggins

Q. Coach, travel issues for you guys, even leaving San Diego (after two NCAA Tournament wins last weekend), some issues maybe? And then obviously having to get here early. What kind of logistical problems has that been?
WEST VIRGINIA COACH BOB HUGGINS: I missed the flight back, as I flew back with a friend the night before so I could get to a high school game on Monday night. So I missed that, but I think it was an hour and a half or something, hour and a half, two-hour delay, something about a little bit of maintenance on the plane.

And then I got a call — I was coming back from a high school game, and I got a call from our travel coordinator who said that the NCAA called, and they were calling for all the snow here (in Boston), and we had to leave on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. So we’re kind of scrambling around trying to — we had to practice before. So we were scrambling around to get a hold of our guys to make sure that everyone knew we were going to practice at 9:30.

And then I think an air conditioner went bad, right? The worst thing of the whole deal has been Jay Kuntz sitting behind me. Jay was screaming like a little school girl. The air conditioning unit, something happened to it, and then we got smoke into the deal. People are saying Hail Marys and trying to think of all the bad things they did and ask forgiveness and all that. But it really wasn’t all that bad.

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