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Would be nice to have Jarred Vanderbilt but Calipari doubts he’ll play Thursday night

Jarred Vanderbilt was in street clothes during last week’s NCAA wins and probably won’t play again Thursday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Don’t look for Jarred Vanderbilt to play against Kansas State Thursday night in the NCAA Tournament.

The Kentucky freshman has missed the last five games with an ankle injury and told media members in Atlanta Friday he was “not full speed” and probably could not give the team much if he tried to play.

Calipari said during his press conference that he was going to watch Vanderbilt practice later.

“He just keeps coming, I can do this. It’s hard to play a guy that’s going to play 80, 90 percent in these kind of environments. It’s just hard. The game is played at a high level,” Calipari said.

“When you talk Kansas State, they’re physical, they play hard, they’ll fly, and then if they don’t have it, they grind. You know, it’s hard walking into a game like that.  They lead their league in steals. With the way they play, which they cover that lane.

“My guess is no (on Vanderbilt playing), but it would be nice to have him there. Like last game, we had foul trouble. You have that guy there that you could put in, would be nice.


  1. I would prefer to see Jarred for a few minutes Thursday, even at 80% to start the process of working him back into the rotation, but Coach Calipari is the man, and he knows best.

  2. Would love to have him just for a few minutes if we have foul problems. Go Cats!!!

  3. We really shouldn’t need Vando this weekend but you never know with this team. IF we make it to the Final 4, we will definitely need him then.

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