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Ashton Hagans’ age makes it easier to understand why he likely will reclassify

Ashton Hagans


Thanks to the always informative Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald-Leader, I now understand more about why Georgia guard Ashton Hagans is likely to reclassify to the 2018 recruiting class.

Roberts noted in a story Sunday that Hagans turns 19 years old in July. In Kentucky, that would make him ineligible to play his senior year because he would turn 19 before Aug. 1. However, in Georgia he would be eligible because a “student must not have reached his 19th birthday prior to May 1st” to be eligible.

If Hagans does not reclassify, he would be a 20-year-old freshman at Kentucky — or at least two years older than most college freshmen. Obviously, if he’s interested in a professional career — and any player verbally committed to UK has to have a strong interest in the NBA — it makes much more sense for him to start college now rather than wait another year.

Hagans, who came to UK’s Big Blue Madness, has said several times that UK’s “one-and-done success” has impressed him and thanks to Roberts pointing out his age I understand why even more now.

Hagans apparently had an impressive weekend of AAU play. Here’s what recruiting writer Dan McDonald (@DMcDonaldsRivals on Twitter) posted Saturday:

“I’ve been watching 5-star PG Ashton Hagans @H23Ash play for so long now that it’s hard for him to impress me. But man, he makes life so easy for his teammates. He’s going to be a star for Kentucky.”

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