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Being UK team captain remains one of Dwane Casey’s biggest honors

Jamaal Magloire and Dwane Casey (Vicky Graff Photo)


Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey says one of his biggest athletic honors remains being named captain of the Kentucky basketball team his senior season.

“Coach (Joe) Hall named me team captain my senior year. That compliment meant a lot to me and still does,” Casey said. “To me trust is more important than being loved. It was the ultimate compliment coach Hall gave me.”

Hall also gave Casey another bit of advice the former UK player never forgot.

“He told me, ‘Dwane any time you are invited me to speak, do it,’” Casey said. “That was the greatest advice ever. I take pride that I have been in almost every county in Kentucky whether it was speaking, recruiting (as a coach at Western Kentucky or Kentucky) or working for Oscar Combs selling Cats’ Pause advertising.

“I have done a little bit of everything in my life and loved every minute of it. There is not one thing I have regretted about playing and coaching at Kentucky, coaching at Western Kentucky. You make far greater memories there than in the NBA. Of course, winning a championship at Dallas was not too shabby.”

Former UK player Jamaal Magloire, a 12-year NBA veteran, is now on Casey’s staff at Toronto.

“We call him Big Cat and he works with our big guys,” Casey said. “He was such a physical player. He played for Miami and Pat Riley. He played here in Toronto for me for two years until his body said no more. But he does a heck of a job with our big guys now.”

There’s also one other plus for having Magloire on the staff.

“If anybody wanted to beat me up, he would stop them in a hurry,” Casey joked. “So just that makes him great to have around.”

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