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Charles Matthews on Loyola: “That’s no Cinderella story.”

Charles Matthews (Vicky Graff Photo)


Former Kentucky basketball player Charles Matthews says he never viewed Loyola-Chicago as the Cinderella story almost everyone else in the nation did going into the Final Four.

Matthews and his Michigan teammates came from behind in the second half to beat Loyola 69-57 Saturday night and  will play Villanova in the title game Monday.

“We don’t get into those headlines at this team. We just come out here and play basketball. We never looked at the team as a Cinderella team. It’s like 300-something Division I teams, and they’re one of the last four standing,” Matthews said.

“That’s no Cinderella story. We respected them and we knew we had to come out and execute against them.”

Loyola dominated most of the first half and had a 7-point halftime lead before Michigan took over in the second half.

I think this team, we understand that it’s a game of runs,” Matthews said. “And we’re not going to get rattled. We’ve been down before.

“I think the first game of the tournament we started down like down by 10-0 lead, and we just stayed the course. We weren’t going to be rattled by them pressuring us and we missed some shots.”


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  1. Happy Easter BBN….It appears that Charles has done very well under a new set of coaching eyes and development. We could have used his leadership and production very much.

  2. Matthews would have never played significant minutes if he had stayed at UK.

    1. Whose fault is that? Apparently the talent has been there. He would have been more productive than some of the bodies we put on the floor.

      1. I think Cal is micro coaching these guys…you are going to be my scorer, but only drives, no 3 pointers. Or vice versa…only 3 pointers, no mid range pullups or drives. I hate the term role player. Find kids who have sound fundamentals without the entitlement BS and let them play ball.

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