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Coach doesn’t need receivers to be Superman


Michael Smith has taken over as Kentucky’s receivers coach after former assistant coach Lamar Thomas, a former NFL player and dynamic personality, was not rehired.

Thomas was popular with media members and fans — as well as his receivers.

Smith is going through spring practice for the first time and trying to get acclimated to the program and his players.

“We are getting better. Not where we need to be play in this league and to have the type of success we want to have, we have to be spectacular. I don’t need them to be Superman or anything like that, but I need them to be the best receiving corps we can be and execute and make plays for our offense,” Smith said.

How is he doing on developing relationships with the returning players?

“As far as our relationship, it is going great. I really enjoy this group and think I have some great kids who have responded to coaching in a positive way and are eager and willing to get better,” the UK assistant coach said.

“I am happy with where we are from a relationship standpoint but we have a lot of work to do.”


  1. UK receivers must perform well this year for UK to take the next step. I think the season depends on them in a big way.

  2. But you also have to have a qb that complete over 55% of their passes to be successful. Last year, way too many passes behind receivers, over their heads, or at their feet. Receivers are going to drop some passes, but the ball at least needs to be where they can touch it.

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