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Coach says no excuse for UK receivers not to lead, make plays

Receiver Lynn Bowden (Vicky Graff Photo)


New Kentucky receivers coach Michael Smith had just finished his first spring practice at UK but he admits he is trying to “cultivate” leaders in his position group.

“There are times when you get classified as a young person that you are scared to talk because you don’t think you have done it on the football field ,but I try to challenge those guys,” Smith said.

“There are different ways to lead. Lead by example. Lead by being the first guy in the room to study film. You don’t have to be a big talker. I wasn’t a big talker as a player. I tried to let my actions speak for me.

“I try to tell these guys they don’t have to be rah-rah guys but their actions can speak volumes about what you are as a person and player.”

Kentucky has a young group of receivers, but Smith doesn’t want to hear his players — or anyone else — use that as an excuse for his receivers.

“You can’t use that as a crutch. We were young when they weren’t playing,” Smith said. “They are playing now.

“In this league, you have to play. I believe they are trying to do that. There is no excuse, no time. We just have to get better.”

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