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Greg Sankey’s statement on Commission on College Basketball report

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey on report of Commission on College Basketball:

“We are grateful to the Commission on College Basketball for its diligent work and clear support of the educational value of collegiate sports.  The Commission rightly focused its attention on a number of key issues affecting the sport, including agent certification and access, the one-and-done rule, grassroots basketball, and increasing the accountability applied to individuals and institutions who fail to meet the expectations for integrity in college athletics.


“While the report and recommendations won’t solve all of our challenges overnight, this represents an important step in a process to restore confidence in this great sport.  We will now engage with our membership in evaluating the Commission’s proposals and providing constructive feedback to support the Division I Board of Directors decision making process.”



  1. With the NCAA proposal out I see why Cal is pushing a couple of the recruits to reclassify. He knew before hand.

  2. It appears the NBA is way ahead of this report in its decision to get rid of one and done, and most people I read on this indicate the change will be effective for the graduating high schoolers in the class of 2019.

    I am confident that Calipari has known this for weeks, if not months, and it has nothing to do with this NCAA report or recommendations.

    However, this report is missing the significance of OAD players to the overall NCAA problems. The majority of the NCAA players who reportedly took money as reported by the FBI investigation and indictments were NOT OAD players. Yes, some were, but most were multi year college players.

    Corruption knows no age. Corruption is corruption, and that is the problem, not the age of a player or the number of years that player spends in college.

    The bigger issue, for me, is the rampant academic fraud that the NCAA decided it could not enforce against UNCCHeaters after years of “studying” the evidence for the fraud.

    The NCAA is a corrupt organization, and until the “physician heels thyself” the corruption at the player level will be irrelevant for me.

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