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Guest post: Saying goodybe to Sacha Killeya-Jones not easy

Sacha Killeya-Jones (Vicky Graff Photo)

By JESSICA JONES, Contributing Writer

Of all the players that have come and gone from Kentucky, Sacha Killeya-Jones may be one of the hardest for me to say goodbye to.

I have been rooting for this kid since day one. There just seemed to be something special about him that I felt would soon blossom.

I recently wrote about how Sacha, in my opinion, would develop over the next two seasons and become a very important big in the paint for Kentucky. I still believe it’s true — he will be a great player but he will no longer be at Kentucky.

The rumors floated around last year and then again this year that he may transfer but I never really believed he would until he did. Sacha was starting to come up big in the SEC and NCAA tournaments for Kentucky and that gave me hope for his future in blue. He may have won the SEC tournament for us this year with his thunderous put back dunk against Tennessee.

He continued his spark in the NCAA tournament with a huge dunk against Davidson. Everyone’s reaction to the dunk — the band, Calipari, his teammates- — really sparked Kentucky and made me excited for Sacha and what seemed to be his coming out party.

I wish it would have worked out for Sacha but I understand his desire to pursue other options. I know he will continue to blossom into a FORCE in the paint.

I wish Sacha the best in his future basketball career and in life. He seems to be a great kid and will be throwing down nasty dunks whereever he chooses to go next.

Thank you, Sacha, for choosing BBN. Good luck you!


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  1. I also hate to see SKJ go.
    Is it too late for him to change his mind?

  2. I also hate to see him go, but I understand.
    Cal will never give him the minutes he needs to improve on the court. He needs to be where they need him on the floor.

  3. Sometimes too much talent on a squad can hurt Cals ability to keep players happy. I think that’s what happening with Jones situation .

  4. You expressed exactly how I feel about Sacha. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes and have faith that he will excel on his next team.

  5. Sacha should look into Davidson. They could and would use a big and he would be closer to home.

  6. Cal has 2 five star point guards now and Hagans may make it 3. My guess is Quadre Green will leave if that happens. And now it looks like the Maxey kid is coming for next year. Why is Cal doing this? Too many guards looking for too many shots meaning the bigs will get less. I do not want to see yet another 3 guard starting lineup. Its no wonder that Tai and Sacha are leaving. Montgomery may regret coming. I was hoping Cal was going to go after the 6’8″, 248 lb. grad transfer out of Stanford. That’s what this team needs.

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