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How would Ashton Hagans fit into what seems like a crowded UK backcourt?

Ashton Hagans (HoopScene Photo)


If recent Kentucky commit Ashton Haggans does decided to reclassify into the 2018 recruiting class so he can play at UK next year, how would he fit into what already seems like a possible crowded backcourt.

Point guard Quade Green returns for his sophomore season. Shooting guard Jemarl Baker will be back after missing his freshman season with a knee injury.

Signees Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson and Immanuel Quickley are all guards. And why he’s not expect to return, freshman Hamidou Diallo still has not declared for the NBA draft as most seem to think he will.

“Kentucky now has too much talent in the backcourt, and that is a great problem to have,” said recruiting writer Krysten Peek. “Finding the right duo for the job and getting the chemistry right will be the biggest challenge next year.

“Ashton is one of the most aggressive defenders I’ve ever seen play the game and he’s super explosive on offense. He has a tight handle like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander but will still need some developing at the next level.

“I think Quickley and Quade can player either the one of two but Ashton is a pure point guard.”


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  1. It will be interesting for sure. Calipari will have a boat load of new freshmen to deal with. We will hear 1,000 times 1,000 about how young his team is, etc. Hard to keep them all happy. Talent abounds I guess, but can they win in March?

  2. Apparently a little less crowded now with Hami announcing to leave and hire an agent. This poster is okay with his decision because too inconsistent and out of control much of the time and probably would have seen his PT diminished with talent coming in. If PJ and Vando leave, I will be less than satisfied because IMO they putting the “ticket” ahead of best interests of the team.

  3. Call me silly, but I am ok if Washington leaves. If he stays, he will have to improve his freethrow shooting. I could see Montgomery at the 4, Richards at the 5, and Gabrielle at the 3 spot…what a front line! Richards will be better next year and with that front line, he won’t see as many double teams. The real question is whether any of the guards can AND will make a post pass and do so FREQUENTLY. Also can Cal work out an offense to take advantage of a front line like that besides throwing a lob 3 times a game? Of course, this means teams will pack it in so the dribble drive will not be of much value, but 3 point shooting will be. I hope Green and Baker get a chance to start…the other freshmen hotdogs will be gunning it for sure. Vanderbilt would get plenty of playing time at the 4 and 5 spot and Johnson would be a good fit as a backup 3 man. I hope the Hagans kid stays in the 2019 class…Quickley and Herro are quality backups at the 1 and 2 spots. Washington won’t be missed IMO…Vando would be missed.

    1. I usually agree with you BB12, but not on your Washington assessment. Had not been for his play UK would have lost a lot more games. he absolutely kept them in the game against KState, but his FT shooting was less than stellar for sure. His FT shooting will improve in time IMO. UK needs a fighter at that position, and Washington brings that. He will grow more if he stays. I hope he stays, but he probably won’t.

  4. Washington was a strong contributor in some games and disappeared in others. My pet peave is poor free throw shooting, usually the result of a lack of practice and concentration. If he does stay, that HAS to improve or it will be hackawashington time. If he stays, does he start over Montgomery…both are 4 men? IMO he would be the backup to Montgomery and I think he (PJ) sees that too. That’s why I think he will stay in the draft even if it means developing in the G league. I still maintain that a front line of Montgomery, Richards, and Gabrielle would be awesome if Cal will gear his offense to a big lineup and not let his guards take 70% of the shots.

    1. Montgomery has not played one min. of college basketball. Washington’s experience and being in Cal’s system will benefit him IMO. That said, he may leave as you predict. I liked his play, and his attitude. UK will probably start a bunch or freshmen again next year. Same old story.

  5. PJ did take many halves off during first part of the year, but he did win us a few games with his physical play during the last half of the year. When Vando wasn’t in PJ was basically our only physical threat. Both guys would improve their standing with another year of play. Wenyan would also be better served if he came back as well, but I am less concerned with his return because he stays out of control most of the time and delivers 0-3’s more than 7-7’s.

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