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Kentucky commit Emma King puts in some “extra” offseason work

Emma King works to repair some fence on her family’s farm. (Eric King Photo)


Kentucky basketball commit Emma King of Lincoln County finished the 2017-18 season averaging 20.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game. She’ll go into her senior season with 1,994 points and 550 rebounds.

She’s a career 79 percent shooter from the foul line and 41 percent overall from the field. Last season she shot 39 percent from 3-point range, 46 percent overall from the field and 84.2 percent at the foul line.

King verbally committed to Kentucky before the start of her junior season and it’s unusual for her to go a day without being in the gym working on her skills.

However, her father — Dr. Eric King — also likes to put her to work on his farm doing a variety of jobs. Recently she accidentally tore out a section of fence while helping him.

“She tore out the fence by driving my Ranger too close to the opening because she didn’t want to open the gate as wide as it needed to be,” Dr. King said. “The seat belt caught on the boards. Then she spent about an hour fixing it. Lesson learned hopefully.”

She won’t have to repair fences at UK, but she will have to correct mistakes and the lesson she learned on a recent spring day on the farm might have been good preparation for what lies ahead at UK.

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