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Mark Stoops on Kash Daniel: “I just think it’s his time.”

Kash Daniel, right (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he couldn’t remember any one “jumping out” at him defensively after Saturday’s scrimmage.

“Just across the board I felt like we played pretty stout defensively. I felt the line of scrimmage was pretty strong,” Stoops said before noting that defensive back Jordan Griffin did have a score.

However, junior linebacker Kash Daniel did make a big impression on the UK head coach.

“Kash is gaining a lot of confidence. I just like the way he’s playing. I just think it’s his time and he feels very comfortable out there. I like the way he’s taking command,” Stoops said.

“He’s a great guy to step right in and replace Courtney (Love) because of the leadership that Courtney had. I like the presence that Kash is bringing right now. Obviously he makes some mistakes and needs to get better like everybody, but he has a good presence out there.

“He’s confident and is taking charge. I stand right behind the quarterbacks so I kind of get a vision on it. I like his presence and I like the way he’s playing. And Jordan Jones had a good scrimmage again. He made quite a few plays.”


  1. I really like Kash. Tough, competitive, intense and a personable young man. I’m pulling for him to have an awesome year. Oh, I also think Jones has freakish talent if he can fence in his mouth and that temper.

    1. I agree with all you say here William, Daniel is a football player. Jones too, but Jones needs some more weight on his frame for the position he plays.

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