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Maybe Green will transfer, but not playing next year not a great option for him

Quade Green (Vicky Graff Photo)


While freshman guard Quade Green may indeed be contemplating a transfer, Kyle Tucker of SEC Country tweeted Thursday that a source told him he expected Green to stay at UK.

Tucker is not one to post information where he does not trust his source. In addition, Kentucky Sports Radio noted that a source indicated coach John Calipari had met with Green to tell him that he wants him back next season.


The theory was that Calipari was bringing in so many new guards that Green was worried about playing time next season. He had a solid freshman season and should be even better next year.

If he transfers, he won’t play next year. He will have to sit out all season — and I just don’t see Green being happy if he can’t play. He’s a player who always has believed in his ability and made that clear several times at last year — and normally backed up his talk.

Maybe Green will still transfer. But I tend to trust Tucker’s source, especially since that makes sense when you consider Green’s competitive personality.



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  1. As I said, Green has to do what he feels in his heart is best for him. IMO Calipari should have told all of those guys he wants them back next season. They would have been a formidable team. Now all we will hear next season, if UK struggles, is Calipari’s standard excuse, youth. I hope Green stays at UK, but I also understand if he goes. Matthews had to sit out a year and it helped him.

    1. I think Cal lets them know they are welcome but he’s not one to beg any player to stay. Just not his style

      1. You are right Larry V. I am convinced after hearing the guy whine every year about youth, that Calipari is a glutton for punishment. It has to be a tough “row to hoe” starting with a new team every year, and playing five freshmen, generally speaking, at every position on the floor. It has netted him only 1 NC. At Kentucky, for most of the fans anyway, it’s always about cutting down the nets in March.

        1. Well, maybe all will return and team will be loaded next year

  2. Sasha Killeya-Jones is going to sit a year, as did Matthews, Wiltjer, and Lee before him. If Green follows this path, it will be the 5th time since 2013.

    I understand that each player will make decisions based on what they conclude is in his best interests. What concerns me is why so many players conclude that leaving UK and sitting out a year is in his best interests. There is something going on here that I clearly do not understand, and I have yet to hear any explanation for why this is happening at UK but not at UNC, Duke, Kansas, ……. They all have kids who come into their program and can move to the NBA early. More power to each of them, whether the kid played 1 or 2 seasons at UK, KU, UNC, Duke, or anywhere else. However, I do not see a steady attrition of sophomore and juniors out of these other programs only to pop up at another program, sit a year, and then like magic, play on final four teams as did Wiltjer and Matthews.

    Color me concerned.

    1. Professor, I believe its all about perception. Somehow the idea that if an upperclassman sits while a freshman starts, the upperclassman must not be that good. It not only messes with their psyche but they believe it devalues their worth to the team and jeopardizes their NBA draft stock. Of course when the stated objective is to move players to the NBA vs. win championships, I can see where a kid would start thinking like that. Rather than get labeled as a “sub” they go to another school, sit a year, get major minutes a year later and shine. A case of too many chiefs and not enough indians. Until Cal changes his focus from being an NBA farm team to building a KY team that wins championships this will always be an issue.

      1. You could well be right Bluebleeder. But I am with Professor. Just doesn’t make sense to me

  3. I hate it when any player transfers from Kentucky frankly. However, to say that other elite programs are not having transfers too is incorrect. Duke has had Derryck Thornton, Chase Jeter, Sean Obi and Jordan Tucker transfer since 2016. Kansas has had Carlton Bragg, Evan Maxwell, Josh Pollard, Dakota Patton, and Zach Peters transfer in the past few years. North Carolina is the only elite school that has been seemingly immune from the transfer bug in recent years. Although, to be fair, none of these transfers has ended up on a Final Four team.

    1. Good input Karen

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