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Quarterbacks have to make UK offense have sense of urgency in summer

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops liked a lot he saw from quarterbacks Terry Wilson and Gunnar Hoak this spring.

Now what does he want to see from both before practice starts again in August?

“It’s a challenge to the entire offense, and I told them that the other day. We had a practice  with just helmets, and I thought it was a really efficient practice. I thought they were really competitive, and they had great urgency about getting open, creating space and being efficient in the pass game, and that’s what we have to do all summer,” Stoops said.

“They have to spend a lot of time with themselves. We’re not allowed to be out there with them in the summer with the football. They’re going to be on their own, and they have to play like that.

“They have to be efficient and really playing at a high level. If they’re just out there milling around, you’re just going to get worse. That’s what I think is a challenge to the quarterbacks, to get the entire group to play at a high level this summer.

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