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Terry “Touchdown” Wilson just “an athlete playing quarterback”

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


While he can run, he’s not a runner. Instead, Kentucky quarterback Terry  “Touchdown” Wilson calls himself a “pass first” quarterback who likes to stay in the pocket.

“But if it gets iffy in the pocket and guys are in my face, my speed helps me get out of those problems,” he said. “That’s a good asset on my game that I can do. That’s what coaches like about my game. I can throw the ball pretty well. Everybody wants to get caught up in that dual-threat quarterback stuff and think of somebody like Michael Vick who just squirts out of the pocket and runs.

“But I am really just an athlete playing quarterback that can throw and just happens to very shifty and fast. I feel like a lot gets lost in calling me a dual-threat guy.”

Wilson, a junior college transfer, and Gunnar Hoak, a redshirt sophomore, will go into practice in August co-No. 1 after competing in spring practice.

Wilson has not been timed in the 40-yard dash since running it in 4.5 seconds as a high school junior. He knows he’s faster now because of the training he’s done in the weight room and on the field.

He’s also not shy about contact.

“You have to deliver a blow. Sometimes you sit in the pocket and you have got to take a hit to make a play, especially if it is a critical down,” Wilson said. “You’ve got to take that shot for your team.

“You just have to build your body up in the weight room so you can take those shots. But when you get a chance to take your shot, you do that, too. That’s the biggest part of football — being able to take a hit but also deliver a hit. I can do both.”

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  1. I like Gunnar a lot as a QB, but I believe Wilson will start come game one in the fall. Neither of them were overly impressive in the spring game IMO, but Wilson gives UK that extra threat with his ability to run.

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