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Who else other than Kevin Knox has put name officially into the NBA draft?

DeAndre Ayton, right. (Caleb Lowndes/CJ Correspondent)

Now that Kevin Knox has declared for the NBA draft and indicated he will hire an agent, you might wonder what other college underclassmen have definitely decided they will not be back in college next year.

Here’s the most complete list I can find (33 total players, including two high school players):

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  1. With the EJ Montgomery commitment, it will be interesting to see what Washington, Vanderbilt, Richards, and Jones decide to do. None are NBA ready, so I look for at least one to transfer. A frontcourt of Gabrielle at the 3, Montgomery at the 4, and Richards at the 5 would be formidable. I am hoping with Montgomery’s addition, Richards and Gabrielle will get better. This frontline could easily average 40 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists, and 7 blocks while playing 25 minutes a game. Washington, Vanderbilt, and Johnson would be strong compliments to this lineup. I see Jones being the odd man out unless some leaves or gets hurt.

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