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Why would Quade Green be afraid of incoming competition?

John Calipari, Quade Green (Vicky Graff Photo)


Let me admit I’ve not been in close touch with everything going on with Kentucky basketball the last two weeks because I’ve been on a Princess Cruise in the Caribbean.

However, the report I saw last night that freshman point guard Quade Green of Philadelphia  might transfer back home to LaSalle baffles me a bit.

Green played regularly last season. He started the season as the No. 1 point guard but then had Shai Gilgeous-Alexander take over that role. But with Gilgeous-Alexander and Hamidou Diallo both headed for the NBA, Green would be UK’s most experienced guard going into next season.

If he’s afraid of the competition from signee Immanuel Quickley and maybe that of Ashton Hagens if he does reclassify, that would seem out of character for Green and his confident attitude/approach.

Surely he can’t expect Calipari to not add any other point guards. Surely he understands he has to get better defensively.

What if every football player that saw competition coming in from recruits left the team. It would be chaos.

Green actively recruited other players to come to UK to play and several did because they wanted to play with him. He had a good year, but not a great year.

If he transfers, he has to sit out a year and not play. Is he that afraid of the point guard competition at UK that he wants to do that?

Maybe there are other issues here I don’t know about. Maybe him and Calipari have gone from the perfect match to not being able to get along. I don’t know.

However, I know if Green leaves simply because he’s afraid of the competition, then he’s not nearly the player I thought he was when he signed with Kentucky or not nearly the player I thought he would be before he left UK.


  1. You’re ‘spot-on’ on this one, Larry.

  2. I guess we will wait and see. If Green does transfer, I think Calipari brings a lot of that on himself with his “reload every year” system. Green must do what he feels in his heart is best for himself. Matthews did alright on his transfer.

  3. Your right Pup. There are only so many minutes for each position. If Green does transfer to LaSalle, he will be the featured point guard there getting the minutes he needs to get better. He won’t get those minutes at UK.

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