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Anakeesta has a lot to like for all ages


GATLINBURG — We visited Anakeesta for the second time on Sunday and this time I had two of my grandchildren — ages 7 and 9.
They loved it as much as my wife and I and so did their parents. They were thrilled with the chair lift ride to the top and obviously the swinging bridges were such a hit that we did the course twice. Same with the playground.
But what surprised me was just how much they enjoyed the view and the questions they had about the fire from two years ago.
And yes, they are already wanting to know when they can come back to either zipline or ride the new coasters — or both.

Great thing here, too, is that your admission is for the day. We went early, then left for a few hours and came back again at night. Loved every minute,

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Looks like a lot of fun. GO CATS!!!

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