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Dick Vitale signs contract extension through 2020-21 season

ESPN has extended Dick Vitale’s contract, so I will be seeing him at three more seasons at UK games. (Gary Moyers Photo)

Hall of Fame basketball analyst Dick Vitale has signed a contract extension with ESPN through the 2020-21 season.

Vitale will continue his work as a game analyst on key matchups each week during the regular season, as well as Champ Week. He will also remain a contributor on numerous ESPN platforms, including SportsCenter, and more.

The longtime ESPN personality adds to a recent extension announced last May, as he enters his 40th season with the network this year.

“ESPN has been family to me and I am honored that they want me to continue being a contributor on our college basketball team,” Vitale said. “ESPN has provided me a forum that has turned my dreams to reality. I feel young at heart. I said once, and I will say it again – my goal is to be the first in broadcasting to open a hoops game at 100 years old saying “This is Awesome, Baby!’ with a capital A.”

“Dick’s commitment and passion towards college basketball and towards ESPN for the past 39 years has been unmatched,” said Lee Fitting, ESPN vice president of college sports. “It’s tough to imagine that there has been a greater ambassador for the game of college basketball, and we are thrilled to have Dick on our air for years to come.”

Vitale joined ESPN during the 1979-80 season — just after the network’s September 1979 launch — following a successful coaching career. He called ESPN’s first-ever major NCAA basketball game – Wisconsin at DePaul on Dec. 5, 1979 (a 90-77 DePaul win). His storied career includes more than a thousand games and his “Vitale-isms” have become part of the sports lexicon, including “Awesome, Baby!,” “Get a TO, Baby!” and “PTP’er.”


  1. Dickey V. is a veritable wealth of s collegiate sports information. Few can even approach his trove of basketball knowledge.
    Having said that (and meaning every word) I can’t stand the guy. He’s a screamer !!!! When he gets off on one of his rants it becomes little more than noise.
    Personally, I understand that he’s a really nice guy but professionally, IMO, he’s a screamer and a noise generator.

  2. Dick has been good for the game, but there comes a time when everyone needs to move on and let fresher blood have their opportunity. Dick is at that point.

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