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Former UK coach Joe Hall attends celebration for Larry Stamper

The Stampers with former UK coach Joe Hall Monday.


WINCHESTER — There’s a lot of different ways to spend Memorial Day, but Royetta Stamper came up with a way to make the day extra special for her husband, former Kentucky basketball player Larry Stamper.

Larry Frost painted a portrait of Stamper, including his time at Lee County High School until now. It included images of Kentucky coaches Joe Hall and Adolph Rupp.

Under Larry Stamper’s name, Frost put the player’s college nickname — “The Enforcer.” Lee was a physical player in high school and an even more physical player at Kentucky who backed down from no one.

Frost did a painting in 1972 named “The Huddle” that featured Adolph Rupp and his Kentucky team that included Larry Stamper. Royetta Stamper said the print now hangs in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Royetta Stamper had Frost come to their Winchester home for a fish fry Monday. Larry Stamper spent time in Florida this winter and apparently knows how to haul in the fish and he shared those with friends Monday.

Hall made the trip to Winchester for the celebration. So did former Eastern Kentucky University coach Guy Strong, who played on Kentucky’s 1951 national championship team.

“It was an honor to have coach Hall come to our house for the fish fry and along with the ‘Lunch Bunch’ from Lexington and coach Guy Strong,” Royetta Stamper said. “I just wanted to do something special for Larry and I really appreciate everyone that came to make it even more special.”

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