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Josh Allen projected as 2019 first-round pick

Josh Allen. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


For whatever reason, writer Will Brinson has already put together a 2019 NFL mock draft. Never mind that the draft is almost a year away, he’s already projecting which players not only will go in the first round but even which teams will be drafting specific players.

Why does this matter? Simple. He’s got a University of Kentucky player going in the first round. For a school that has not had a player drafted the last two years, that’s a big, big deal for him to have linebacker Josh Allen slated 15th to the Detroit Lions.

He could have gone to the draft this year and been a mid-round pick, but he’s gambling come back to UK will improve his position and it looks like he could be right.

Here’s a couple more interesting tidbits from the 2019 mock draft. Four Clemson defensive linemen are slated to go in the first round. Ten other Southeastern Conference players are in his first round, including three more from Alabama along with Missouri quarterback Drew Lock.

But here’s a shocker. Duke — yes, I am talking Duke football — has two players projected in the first round.

So maybe there can be hope for UK football after all.

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  1. Jones will also be a first round pick if he can keep it together.

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