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Justin Thomas on being No. 1 in the world

Here’s what Louisville’s Justin Thomas had to say Sunday just a few hours before he did become the No. 1 ranked golfer in the world:

Q. Congratulations you’re No. 1. Maybe. We don’t know. But what would it mean to you to be No. 1 after this round? It looks like it’s a distinct possibility.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It would be awesome.

Q. What does that number mean to you, No. 1?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It means a lot, but it’s something I want to have for a long time, it’s not something I just want to have once. To have it for a week and then be done with — like D.J. has and like Tiger did and other guys who have had it for a long time, that’s more of a goal of mine as opposed to just having it.

Q. Obviously we saw last year that you’re more than capable of going on huge stretches, so do you back yourself once you get there to stay there?
JUSTIN THOMAS: At No. 1? Well, I need to get there first. It’s kind of hard to say anything because I’ve never been there and I’m not there, so we’ll see.

Q. Was it something that was at all in the back of your mind over this week or were you thinking —
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not really. I just was more concerned with the fact that I was tied for 68th starting my third round, and it’s just been — usually a 5-, 6-under out here just moves so much or so far up and gains so much ground, but — it still gains a lot of ground, but like I said, it’s just a different TPC Sawgrass. I think I was 6- or 7-under, maybe 7-under for three days my rookie year and I was in the second-to-last group and if you’re at 7-under going into the final round, here you have no chance. It’s just kind of one of those years, but it is what it is.

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