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Mike Pratt: Players do care about being at UK

Mike Pratt, right, with former Cats Louie Dampier, left, and Bill Busey. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


How much do basketball players truly care about playing at the University of Kentucky?

That was a question Tim Estes of WPBK-FM asked UK Basketball Radio Network analyst Mike Pratt when he joined us recently to talk all things UK basketball.

“There is no question they care. You can tell by way they respond to questions and interact with people around them,” said Pratt, a former UK All-American. “Do they care about getting to the league (NBA)? Sure.

“It sounds good when you sign (with Kentucky) to talk about one reason is because of the way Cal gets players to the league. But they have personalities and they really enjoy their experiences and the love they get from BBN.”

Pratt said sometimes he thinks fans might overreact to what they hear from those close to players or what might be said when a player leaves for the NBA.

“Kids really enjoy their stay and enjoy being a part of it here at Kentucky,” Pratt said. “They grow close during their time at UK. Calipari does wonderful job building a family atmosphere and anyone who doesn’t get that just doesn’t get UK basketball.”


  1. Maybe so, but it is getting old for many longtime UK basketball fans , this OAD scene.

  2. I disagree in a big way. Kids come to KY now to get into the NBA. Kids used to come to KY to win championships. The former only care about themselves; the latter cared about KY.

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