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Rachel Lawson after loss to Oregon: “For us, it wasn’t really a great game.”

Rachel Lawson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Rachel Lawson, Head Coach

Opening Statement …

“Obviously Oregon did a great job responding today. I though their pitcher looked great. For us, it wasn’t really a great game. We didn’t come out on the attack. I think we got a little defensive, took too many pitches and because of that we kind of had our back to the wall. When they got a couple of runs it was kind of hard to come back. So, I just think they did a really good job, had a really great outing from their pitcher and then we were just kind of a little bit too slow today.”

On what she saw during the scoring play in the fourth inning …

“Well, Mike does an exceptional job of going out there and getting in the middle of umpires and getting things to go his way. What kind of happened was that the umpire said that the runner at second was already going to third base, which I thought was not correct because the throw wouldn’t have come to third had they not been stationary at third and stationary at second, but according to the umpire he said that she was already passed second and going to third and that’s why he gave them an extra run. So, Mike had them convinced that that’s what happened.”

On Oregon freshman Lauren Burke’s postseason play …

“I think she has done an exceptional job, and being a hometown girl I think it’s pretty cool. I mean other than the two at-bats I saw her take in regionals and then she had some at bats earlier in the year, but I haven’t seen her do a lot. But she has done an exceptional job here and she seems to be squaring up on everything, you got to tip your hat to her.”

Alex Martens, Sophomore, Second Base

On what worked well for Elish today ...

“Miranda is a great pitcher. She was pounding the zone pretty hard. I know she was going hard early, getting the first pitch strike, going outside a lot to our batters, and at the end she started throwing the change up in. She was just moving it around, mixing it up a lot and that kind of kept us off balance.”

Jenny Schaper, Junior, Catcher

On the contrast of the two Oregon starting pitchers …

“I think Elish definitely throws harder than Kleist who we saw yesterday. So I think as a result, when you see a faster pitch you want to swing harder which is actually the opposite of what you want to do. So for her I think we need to slow ourselves down, slow our hips down, get our barrel to the ball. Kleist is more of a down pitcher, change up pitcher, not quite as hard. So I think we did a better job putting her balls in play as opposed to Elish tonight.”

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